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From: Graves, Judy <>

Subject: Tell me; is that a bad thing?


I’m ranted out, I’m back in Canada with it’s flaws come some great pluses, so nobody should complain that much. You go ’cause you have to and then the people who are safely at home start to denounce you!
What happened to my flight you may ask yourself in a concerned tone? Mind you no one’s ever asked before and besides until I build the feed-back posting forum do-hickey you can’t say much but still I’ll tell you why I talk of such things.
Truely there isn’t many NA cars that are “fun” to drive. So be picky, point out everything, make sure you say it and they write it down.
Naturally you mess up one of the answers and then set off their suspicions. Anyway, what I was heading for is that if I really like a song I will actively search it out and buy it. Service would be a nice feature to see in the Airline industry!
They’ve not started saying that maybe they’re not prepared for a bio attack if they can’t even keep a relatively slow-speading sickness at bay. Think about it people. You might choke when you see the price though. limo rides to places come out of the artists pocket now, they’re no longer provided by the company! They now “zone” passangers in on their tickets, at least they did in England and Germany. They call a zone, and then they don’t check people boarding so the result is that anyone can get on as soon as they start the boarding call. That does not make any sense.
there are many people like that here.
Still I ended up committing an entire reading week to making that skin.
and for the cops reading this. ” and “do you have any explosives or cheese in your bags? which is a damn good thing!
the artist is happy to see everyone and thanks them all for coming, but walks up to one in the crowd and says “thanks for buying my album” and then goes off to start the concert.
Seems like the perfect marketing trick from the record companies but they don’t seem to have picked up on it. Anyway, what I was heading for is that if I really like a song I will actively search it out and buy it. but maybe they could stop it now by just following some precautions. more than enough to have your fix and probably anoy people outside the car too. It’s a whole other driving ethos anyway. If everyone in Alberta slows down yet again.
you basically where speeding!

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