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Good Day.

January 18, 2007

From: Morgan Goodwin <Guiyanghernia’>

Subject: fw: Read it Morgan

Good Day.

Thursday,January 18, will bring big trading for this shares, which will mean it grow up!

This company has secured the exclusive distribution and marketing rights in the USA, Territory of the People’s Republic of China(CN), Canada(CA), Mexico(MX) and the Bahamas to Diamant(TM) film, a non-PVC food stretch film.

Diamant(TM) film is the world’s first plasticizer-free stretch film based on polystyrene and the first food wrap film that is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Diamant(TM) film has recently received the ECO logo certified by the Environmental Choice(TM) Program. The Environmental Choice(TM) Program is North America’s leading benchmark of environmentally responsible products and services. Diamant(TM) film has successfully met the criteria for both the environmental and performance standards.

Diamant Art is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly products aimed at minimizing pollution, maximizing the quality of life and preserving the environment.

This company are moving easy. We’d hope you will recive at least 70 % growth of your investments today.
Good Luck.

Yours Morgan Goodwin.


Zavala advice

December 11, 2006

From: Maureen Zavala <>

Subject: Zavala advice

Looking to put some spring in your step? Ready for your big break?
Look no further.

Wild Brush Energy
Symbol: WBRS

Current Price: Around $0.05
Short Term Target: $0.12
Long Term Target: $0.40


Do you want to know a secret?… This is fucking gross.

December 6, 2006

From: Kristina <>

Subject: hi, its Kristina here, we should catch up sometime.

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Bring a smile to your partner’s face every time you’re with them!
Let me introduce to you something that is fun, exciting and most of
all enjoyable, its the Vibrator Ring!

The Vibrator Ring is the latest craze to sweep the world and people
just can’t get enough! Its both safe and easy-to-use, you’ll want
10. It’s comfortable design means that it’s not too invasive or
awkward to use and it will expand to fit ANY size!

So what is this Vibrator Ring? The Vibrator Ring is a soft
Ring that fits snug at the base, allowing the raised,
Tickler to stimulate her externally, hitting the RIGHT spot
EVERYTIME! Not only will the firm hold make him stay harder for
longer, it will give her those multiple pleasures she’s only read about.

Dont wait for it! Get your Vibrator Ring today

Cornelia wrote: We have giving you winner after winner!

November 27, 2006

From: Cornelia Boyd <>

Subject: Cornelia wrote:

We have giving you winner after winner this year and things are only
getting better!

The 21st century house is one in which broadband is available in every
room.  Video streams to wherever you choose to watch it.  Home
appliances are seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive network.
This is already a reality for the wealthy, and is just now becoming a booming
business as it spreads to the middle class home.  Our next feature makes
this all possible, and is bringing it to the world!

Advanced Powerline Technologies

Symbol: APWL
Price:           0.083
Short Term Target:   0.27
Long Term Target:   1.10

An incredible info is expected out of the company very soon.
This will be backed up by a PR blitz and I’m sure you can guess what will
happen to the price of this share!
Tech companies blast off on news like this.  Get in before this one takes
off and ride it all the way to the bank!

CHIANG MAI, Thailand (AP) — After years of painstaking research, scientists say they have unleashed a baby boom among one of the world’s most beloved but endangered animals, China’s giant panda.
RED LAKE, Minnesota (AP) — Authorities grew more concerned Saturday about two young brothers missing for three days from the Red Lake Indian Reservation after temperatures dipped below freezing overnight.
(Time.comexternal link) — It would be a lot easier to enjoy your life if there weren’t so many things trying to kill you every day.


November 26, 2006

From: Matilda Reyna <>

Subject: Me again Reyna

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old-fashioned playtime.

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It me The Great American Food Chain, Inc.

November 19, 2006

From: Kip Grant <>

Subject: it me Kip

Our picks bring our readers BIG gains! Why? Because we present
well-researched, quality companies backed by promotions which have
the ears of investors around the globe. When you have GREAT product
and unrivaled PR you get super gains! This one is just what your
portfolio needs:

The Great American Food Chain, Inc.
Symbol: GAMN
Current Price: $0.96
Projected Price: $3.20 (330% gain)

GAMN is has an incredible business model in a booming sector. Look
around you. Everything is being standardized and franchised. GAMN
is a company specializing in the development and expansion of proven
independent restaurant concepts into multi-unit locations. Business has
been booming!

A huge publicity campaign is beginning and will be supported by some
astounding press releases. It is imperative to get in before the first big
announcement. Readers, this is a big one. Don’t miss this chance!

hi it’s Stock Tips!

November 17, 2006

From: Vernon Stewert – Subject: hi it’s Vernon

From: Roxie Monroe – Subject: hi it’s Roxie

From: Norbert Walsh – Subject: hi it’s Norbert

From: Lewis Richards – Subject: hi it’s Lewis

From: Kaye Crouch – Subject: hi it’s Kaye

From: Judson Costa – Subject: hi it’s Judson

From: Deon Bright – Subject: hi it’s Deon

From: Calvin Kane – Subject: hi it’s Calvin

From: Bonnie Louis – Subject: hi it’s Bonnie

Beard Message

November 16, 2006

From: Jefferson Beard <>

Subject: Beard Message

Our Hottest pick this year! Brand new issue Cana Petroleum!

VERY tightly held, in a booming business sector, with a huge
publicity campaign starting up, Cana Petroleum (CNPM) is set
to bring all our readers huge gains. We advise you to get
in on it on Friday, November 17th and ride it to the top!

Symbol: CNPM
Current Price: Around $2.00
Projected Price: $10.40

Check the stats! Check the level 2! Imagine what this one
will do when the full force of the PR campaign hits it, in
conjunction with smashing news!

Major oil discovery? We are not permitted to say at this
point. All we can say is that this one is going to see
amazing appreciation in a very short period of time! This
is your opportunity. Win big with CNPM!